Artificially triggered natural barrier for coastal protection

Methodology of establishing an artificially triggered, but naturally developed, barrier structure for protecting a coastline from erosion.

12th March 2024
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The Invention methodology tackles a major problem linked to the climate crisis: coastal erosion. Globally, 13.6–15.2% of beaches will erode by 2050 and 35.7–49.5% by 2100. The problem has, in addition to environmental effects, large economic impact on tourist areas.

Technology Overview

The present invention aims to provide eco-friendly coastal sustainability by creating natural barriers on the seabed of sandy beaches that are prone to erosion. The invention involved a methodology of establishing an artificially triggered, but naturally developed, barrier structure for protecting a coastline from erosion, by imitating the processes of nature, turning the sea bottom material into hard underwater barriers acting as a breakwater. This solution is a soft engineering technique involving the use of material (e.g. sand) and bacteria from the sea bottom of the application area, without introducing foreign materials and raw materials into the environment.

Stage of Development

Today, the invention is in TRL* 6, with the next steps being:

The transition to TRL 7 is a very pivotal point where it will include the standard model accompanied by measurements, photographs, and quality control to protect the previously eroding beach.

Moving to TRL level 8 should include a feasibility study to find the golden ratio between: efficiency /implementation & time/implementation cost.

The final transition to TRL level 9 will contain the final implementation of our concept in the form of a service with an application protocol that will include:

(a) application cases in different environmental conditions, (b) protection measures, (c) contingency measures.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to time with no maintenance
  • Leaving the natural beauty of the beach intact, thus attracting tourists and contributing to the local economy
  • Controlled development of underwater life


  • Green Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Natural Based Solution Development


National & Kapodistrian University of Athens is seeking to collaborate with a company to commercialize the project.


IP Status

  • Patent pending


  • R&D partner
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*Technology Readiness level

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